Vampire Counts

There are great many undead models by great many companies. Most of them are quite old and there is not much interesting you can do with a generic skeleton model anyway, so I am not linking all of them, limiting this selection to the models I like or find good value for the price. Instead, I link many alternative miniatures lists at the bottom of the post, so you can find more alternatives there.

A few comments first:
  • The models listed here are not perfect and many are not on the same level as the original ones (those are usually way older than the current GW range). I am not saying losing GW models won't be a pity, if anything this work is making me appreciate them even more. I am just saying that a solution exists. The important part is, the models are out there.
  • This is not only my work. I have used ideas and suggestions from various places and am very grateful for the collective wisdom of the internet communities.
  • In many cases I was unsure about the size of the models and was forced to go on guesswork only. I hope at least some of them will work.
  • When possible, I have tried to link to groups of models and larger units, if only to show multiple sculpts at once. Most of the companies sell the individual models as well, should that be preferred.
  • I am quite a chaotic person and may have overlooked something awesome. I usually try to link sites that offer greater number of useful models or the ones I know I have not exhausted, but searching around the linked models might yield even more fruit.
  • If you know about something useful not linked here, please let me know and I will add it. This is by no means an exhaustive list and can never be, but I would like to list as many possibilities as possible.


Crypt Ghouls

Mantic Undead Ghouls
Heresy Ghoul Tribe

Dire Wolves

Gamezone Zombie Wolves (and more)
Enigma Dire Wolf
Avatars of War Dire Wolf
Reaper Hell Hounds
Reaper Dire Wolves
Reaper Undead Hounds
Old Glory Giant Wolves

Skeleton Warriors

Mantic Undead Skeletons
Wargames Factory Skeleton Warriors
Reaper Skeletal Spearmen (and with swords)
Dark Art Studios Skeleton Warriors
Rafm Warrior with Spear (and more)
Rafm Peasant Horde (and more)

Mantic Undead Zombies


Bat Swarm

Reaper Bat Swarm (also in Bones)
Reaper Bat Swarm
Black Tree Bat Swarm
Masquarade Miniatures Bat Swarm (and one more)
Mirliton Bloodthirsty Bats

Black Knights

Mantic Undead Revenant Cavalry
Rafm Death Wind Hussars (and some more)

Corpse Cart

Gamezone Chariot of the Harvester

Crypt Horrors
Titan Forge Flesh Reapers
Mantic Undead Werewolves
Reaper Wendigo

Fell Bats

Titan Forge Vampiric Bats

Reaper Dire Bat
Malifaux Night Terrors
Masquarade Miniatures Giant Bat Swarm

Spirit Host

Reaper Night Spectre (also transparent)
Reaper Ghostly Summons (also transparent)
Death Shroud
Hordes Boneswarm
Reaper Nightspectre
Reaper Bone Fiend (also in Bones)
Reaper Spirits
Rafm Vaporous Grave Horrors

Grave Guard

Mantic Undead Revenant Regiment
Mantic Undead Soul Reaver Infantry
Reaper Crimson Knights
Shieldwolf Heavy Skeletons
Rafm Death Knights


Gamezone Mournful Knights
Mirliton Knights of Terror (and more)
Rafm Dearh Lord


Titan Forge Winged Abominations

Black Coach

Old Glory Dracula's Carriage

Warlord Games Generel's Couch

Blood Knights

Mantic Undeal Soul Reaver Cavalry
Gamezone Mournful Knights
Fireforge Games Teutonic Knights

Cairn Wraiths
Mantic Undead Wraiths
Reaper Wraith Harvesters
Black Tree Spectre Warriors
Black Tree Wraith Lords
Warmachine Ghost Raiders

Mortis Engine

Iron Wind Throne of Bone

Terrorgheist/ Zombie Dragon

Mirliton Arkor the Eternal
Reaper Pharaoh Dragon
Reaper Skeletal Dragon
Reaper Kaladrax
Reaper Nethyrmaul
Creature Caster Zombie Dragon
Blood Keep Miniatures Varkai


Mierce Miniatures Waelwulf (and more)
Reaper Bakarathi Hunter


Abyssal Terror
Bile the Wyvern

Coven Throne

Iron Wind Throne of Bone


Vampire Lord

Russian Alternative Female Vampire Lord
Mierce Miniatures Viktor Cel Rau

Avatars of War Vampire Countess
Hell Dorado Alazais
Reaper Morrdha
Reaper Monique Denoir
Reaper Moandain
Reaper Theda
Mad Puppet Miniatures Vampiress
Reaper Lord Vandrian
Reaper Count Lorenth
Reaper Famine


Scibor Necromancer

Avatars of War Necromancer
Reaper Malek Necromancer
Mantic Necromancer
Reaper Leisynn
Guild of Harmony Maleficant
Mad Puppet Miniatures Necromancer
Enigma Miniatures Yhedra

Strigoi Ghoul King

Reaper Ghast Lord
Mantic Undead Ghoul Ghast

Cairn Wraith

Cool Mini Or Not Judgement
Reaper Grave Wraith (also transparent)

Tomb Banshee

Reaper Lurien

Reaper Aysa
Reaper Labella DeMornay (also transparent)
Reaper Kaena

Wight King

Reaper Ghost King (also in Bones)
Reaper Wraith King

Reaper Ghost King
Reaper Whispering Tyrant (also in Bones)
Mierce Miniatures Barrow Knight

I also recommend Mantic undead army, Heresy Miniatures undead range, Mirliton undead range, Black Tree undead range, Lords of the World undead section, Old Glory Vampire Wars range, Titan Forge Drakskull's Menace section (for undead Orcs), Rafm Necro Drake Lord's Bone Warriors and a search for undead, vampire (especially for characters, there are tons of them and everyone can have different taste), ghost or skeleton on Reaper website.
You can also find more inspiration in the Carpe Noctem official alternative models thread, this list (for zombies, there are also skeletons and vampires) or these lists for core, special and rare.