Warriors of Chaos

There are tons of different barbarian miniatures (I didn't even link all of them), Gamezone has a full Chaos range and Avatars of War have some very nice models, including a few units as well as many different heroes. The challenging part were things like Dragon Ogres, warmachines and big strange things in general.

A few comments first:
  • The models listed here are not perfect and many are not on the same level as the original ones (those are usually way older than the current GW range). I am not saying losing GW models won't be a pity, if anything this work is making me appreciate them even more. I am just saying that a solution exists. The important part is, the models are out there.
  • This is not only my work. I have used ideas and suggestions from various places and am very grateful for the collective wisdom of the internet communities.
  • In many cases I was unsure about the size of the models and was forced to go on guesswork only. I hope at least some of them will work.
  • When possible, I have tried to link to groups of models and larger units, if only to show multiple sculpts at once. Most of the companies sell the individual models as well, should that be preferred.
  • I am quite a chaotic person and may have overlooked something awesome. I usually try to link sites that offer greater number of useful models or the ones I know I have not exhausted, but searching around the linked models might yield even more fruit.
  • If you know about something useful not linked here, please let me know and I will add it. This is by no means an exhaustive list and can never be, but I would like to list as many possibilities as possible.


Chaos Chariot

Gamezone Chaos Chariot

Chaos Marauders

Mierce Miniatures Axes of Carn Maen

Russian Alternative Barbarians of Wasteland (also in resin) (command)
Red Box Games HelsVakt Hordesmen
Shieldwolf Miniatures Light Barbarian Infantry

Chaos Warhounds

Mierce Miniatures Hounds of Carn Dhu
Crocodile Games Wendigo Howler (and one more)
Reaper Hyena Pack
Avatars of War Dire Wolf
Heresy Miniatures Hellhounds
Reaper Hell Hounds
Grendel Hellhounds

Mierce Miniatures Brutes of Ys

Chaos Warriors

Scibor Miniatures Barbarian Veterans

Avatars of War Currupters of the Apocalypse
Mom Miniatures Barbarians
Werewolf Miniatures Sacred Band of Lust

Marauder Horsemen
Mierce Miniatures Crom on Horse
Gamezone Chaos Cavalry


Chaos Knights

Gamezone Anointed Cavalry
Warmachine Iron Fang Uhlans
Warmachine Bane Riders

Chaos Ogres
Avatars of War Ogre Marauders of the Apocalypse

Mierce Miniatures Oghur

Chaos Warshrine
Hordes Throne of Everblight
Grendel Demonic Altar


Mierce Miniatures Chimaera


Avatars of War Corrupters of the Apocalypse
Dragon Ogres
Gamezone Chaos Centaurdrake

Gorebeast Chariot

Iron Wind Ogre on Beast Chariot
Enigma Miniatures Trictalion

Hellstriders of Slaanesh

Raging Heroes Worm Riders (on Kickstarter)
Gamezone Fiendish Offspring (and more)

Russian Alternative Trolls of Chaos
Shieldwolf Miniatures Troll Pack
Basiks Big Troll (and one more)
Spellcrow Mountain Troll

Gamezone Chaos Troll (and more)
Gamezone Troll (and more)
Mantic Trolls
Reaper Cave Troll (also in Bones)
Reaper Troll
Blood Keep Miniatures Hammer


Chaos Giant

Mierce Miniatures Gromi
Mierce Miniatures Magágg
Mierce Miniatures Cormorágg
Mierce Miniatures Gomagg
Reaper Nor'Okk, Ettin (also in Bones)
Ultraforge Giant
Blood Keep Miniatures Garguth

Chaos Spawn

Reaper Eye Beast (also in Bones) (and one more)
Reaper Gug, Eldritch Horror
Otherworld Miniatures Otyugh

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

Gamezone Chaos Centaurdrake
Grendel Dwarf Heavy Cannon
Hordes Mammoth
Hordes Dozer and Smigg

Mutalith Vortex Beast

Hordes Proteus

Skullcrushers of Khorne

Grendel Hell Knight on a Warp Hound
Reaper Brass Bull
Maxmini Plaguebeast

Hell Dorado Jaws of the Deep

Hordes Carnivean


Daemonic Mount

Mierce Miniatures Carrowek on Drune-Horse
Scibor Rotten Lord on Mutant Snail

Palanquin of Nurgle - most versions I have seen use nurglings supporting a platform, which seems a straightforward enough conversion. Or maybe chaos bases like these?
Scibor Ctulhu bases
Element Games Infested Bases


Mierce Miniatures Mantichora
Raging Heroes Manticore

Chaos Dragon

Creature Caster Possessed Dragon

Disc of Tzeentch

Titan Forge Demon Caller on Skydrifter (and one more)


Chaos Lord/ Exalted Hero

Avatars of War Lord of War
Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence
Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence
Avatars of War Kurz'Gan
Cool Mini Or Not Chaos Warlord


Russian Alternative Warlock of Wasteland
Avatars of War Sorcerer of Pestilence
Black Ball Games Muvian Priestess
Gamezone Chaos Sorcerer
Gamezone Chaos Sorcerer
Iron Wind Nether Phage

Daemon Prince
Warmachine Lich Lord Terminus
Hordes Thagrosh the Messiah
Andrea Miniatures Nalach
Andrea Miniatures Astaroth

I also recommend Russian Alternative Barbarians of Wasteland, Gamezone Chaos range, Avatars of War Apocalypse and Demons range, Red Box HelsVakt and Mierce Miniatures Ysians range and the new Raging Heroes TGG2 Kickstarter.