Dark Elves

I expected Dark Elves to be easier than they turned out to be. I mean, how difficult can it be to find fantasy Elves? Apparently very, when you're speaking about rank and file units. Gamezone has a great-looking range, Mantic has some models and Hordes Legion of Everblight fits surprisingly well and both Raging Heroes and Avatars of War have awesome witch elves, but other than that there's fewer stuff than I would think. Raging Heroes are doing a kickstarter with a whole Dark Elf army, though, so in a year there should be more lovely choices.

A few comments first:
  • The models listed here are not perfect and many are not on the same level as the original ones (those are usually way older than the current GW range). I am not saying losing GW models won't be a pity, if anything this work is making me appreciate them even more. I am just saying that a solution exists. The important part is, the models are out there.
  • This is not only my work. I have used ideas and suggestions from various places and am very grateful for the collective wisdom of the internet communities.
  • In many cases I was unsure about the size of the models and was forced to go on guesswork only. I hope at least some of them will work.
  • When possible, I have tried to link to groups of models and larger units, if only to show multiple sculpts at once. Most of the companies sell the individual models as well, should that be preferred.
  • I am quite a chaotic person and may have overlooked something awesome. I usually try to link sites that offer greater number of useful models or the ones I know I have not exhausted, but searching around the linked models might yield even more fruit.
  • If you know about something useful not linked here, please let me know and I will add it. This is by no means an exhaustive list and can never be, but I would like to list as many possibilities as possible. 


Black Ark Corsairs

Mantic Twilight Kin Shadows
Hordes Strider Blightblades (and with bow)
Spellcrow Dragon Cloaks
Reaper Depora Azinrae


Reaper Shadowguard

Black Tree Design Shadow Elf Knights (and more)
Hordes Blighted Nyss Swordmen
Reaper Elf Royal Guardsmen (and one more)
Reaper Dorva
Mirliton Dark Elf Swordmen (and more)
Iron Wind Elf Foot Knights


Gamezone Dark Elf Lancers
Mantic Twilight Kin Spearmen
Black Tree Design Shadow Elf Spearmen

Gamezone Dark Elves with Crossbow (and more)
Mantic Twilight Kin Crossbowmen
Black Tree Design Shadow Elf Crossbowmen (and more)
Mirliton Dark Elf Crossbowmen
Hordes Reeves of Orboros

Dark Riders

Gamezone Dark Light Cavalry
Raging Heroes Blood Vestal Cavalry (on Kickstarter)
Wood Elf Noble (and some more)

Witch Elves
Raging Heroes Blood Vestals (and command)
Avatars of War Vestals of Nemesis
Red Box Games Red Vanielle


Black Guard

Gamezone Dark Elf Lancers
Black Tree Design Shadow Elf Halberdiers
Warmachine Bane Knights

Cold One Chariot
Gamezone Chariot with Predators

Scourgerunner Chariot

Hordes Lylyth
Gamezone Elf War Chariot
Mirliton Dark Elves with Field Crossbow

Cold One Knights

Gamezone Dark Knights on Predator
Black Tree Design Raptor Rider (and one more)
Reaper Darkrime Drake
Mirliton Dark Elf Rapton Rider (and more)

Har Ganeth Executioners

Hordes Blighted Nyss Legionnaires
Black Tree Design Shadow Elf Executioners
Reaper Broken Fodder
Warmachine Bane Knights


Hordes Blighted Nyss Archers
Hordes Hex Hunters
Reaper Darnath
Reaper Ashlyn
Reaper Dendris
Reaper Shadow Sisters
Darksword Female Dark Elf with Crossbow
Warmachine Eiryss
Warmachine Mage Hunter Infiltrators

Reaper Bolt Thrower

Hordes Scather Crew
Mantic Twilight Kin Bolt Thrower

Gamezone Bolt Thrower

War Hydra
Mierce Miniatures Ygandr
Mierce Miniatures Tygandr
Reaper Hydra (also in Bones)
Reaper Hydra of Lerna


Gamezone Harpy (and more)

Avatars of War Harpies of Apocalypse
Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Gargoyles
Reaper Reven Harpies
Otherworld Miniatures Harpies (and one more)


Bloodwrack Medusa

Darksword Gorgon with Bow
Reaper Xanesha
Reaper Medusa (also in Bones)
Reaper Marilith
Avatars of War Naga Queen
Avatars of War Naga Queen

Bloodwrack Shrine

Raging Heroes Altar of the Succubi (on Kickstarter)
Or simply construct a platform and put a medusa and maybe a small mirror on top?

Hordes Typhon (and more)
Reaper Kraken
Reaper Goroloth
Reaper Frost Wyrm (also in Bones)
Scibor Cthulhu
Reaper Dung Monster

Doomfire Warlocks

Raging Heroes Blood Vestal Cavalry (on Kickstarter)
Hordes Raptors
Raging Heroes Worm Riders (on Kickstarter)
Gamezone Fiendish Offspring (and more)

Sisters of Slaughter

Reaper Daughters of the Whip

Raging Heroes Blood Vestals SF (and command)
Reaper Shensen
Warmachine Satyxis Raiders
Reaper Aeolyrnithan


Cauldron of Blood

Hordes Spawning Vessel
Juza Miniatures Dark Elf Sacrifice
Raging Heroes Altar of the Succubi (on Kickstarter)

Black Dragon
Ultraforge Dragon

Reaper Pathfinder Red Dragon (also in Bones)
Reaper Narthalyssk
Reaper Cinder (also in Bones)
Reaper Narthrax
Reaper Blightfang (also in Bones)

Dark Pegasus

Gamezone Sorceress on Pegassus


Raging Heroes Manticore
Mierce Miniatures Mantichora
Reaper Manticore



Raging Heroes Asharah
Raging Heroes Skaryaa
Avatars of War Dark Elf Princess
Avatars of War Dark Elf Prince
Reaper Loryn Stormblade
Reaper Javolith
Darksword Male Knight
Hordes Kallus

Avatars of War Dark Elf Prince


Raging Heroes Skaarlys

Hordes Beast Mistress
Hordes Fyanna
Reaper Shensen
Reaper Amrielle

Avatars of War Dark Elf Sorceress
Avatars of War Dark Elf Sorceress
Gamezone Sorceress with Familiar
Mantic Twilight Kin Sorceress
Hordes Vayl
Darksword Evil Female Sorceress
Reaper Shaeress (also in Bones)
Guild of Harmony Mae'viir
Crocodile Games Ice Witch

Death Hag

Mierce Miniatures Nagausith
Russian Alternative Elfin Flag-Bearer
Reaper Nasithe
Reaper Nathrae
Guild of Harmony Vanys
Reaper Dark Elf Cleric
Kabuki Models Deh'ly Lah


Avatars of War Dark Elf Black Shadow
Avatars of War Dark Elf Black Shadow
Black Tree Design Shadow Elf Assassins
Reaper Zalash
Darksword Crouching Male Assassin
Darksword Female Assassin
Reaper Deladrin

I also recommend Raging Heroes Dark Elf models, Avatars of War Dark Elves range, Gamezone Dark Elf range, Raging Heroes new Kickstarter, Hordes Legion of Everblight range, Otherworld Drow range, West Wind Death Elf range, Black Tree Shadow Elf and Mirliton Dark Elf ranges, going through Darksword miniatures and doing a search for Dark Elf on Reaper website.
If you want twisted BDSM feel to your army, you can also have a look at Mierce Miniatures Ysians, their Sword-Melusines could probably be used as witch elves or maybe even executioners, for example.